Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Making of a Book Blogger Plus A Short Reading List

I was at the beginning of my career as an Out of School Time professional when I decided that I would become a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  At the time, I thought I would also run a small business on the side as either a tutor or (don't laugh) a babysitter.  Not hip to the world I had just stepped into and all that it would take to thrive as a citizen of said world, I struggled.

Transitioning from living a lifestyle centered around working a 9-6 was more of a challenge than I had expected.  During what I like to think of as the information boom, from about 2012 until late 2016, there was so much knowledge to glean that I could use to help me from day to day.

I scored countless websites, read scholarly journals, watched Youtube videos, listened to podcasts and flipped through pages of good old fashioned books.  Now, I've decided to share what I'm reading in order to connect with other millennial moms who are concerned with social issues, finances, building a family, continuing their impact from generation to generation, health, spiritual growth, delving into the history of various women, and other complex subjects.

My Current Reading List:

I will write about a variety of books, both new and old.  The subject matter will mostly be about things I think about as a mom.  Although I try to keep up with contemporary ideas, I love history. Since this is a nonfiction book blog, I think reading some older books is necessary.